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LDS L-800

LDS L-800 represents a new loudspeaker technology based on the principles of the Homogeneous Line Source. A Homogeneous Line Source produces a plane wave front whereby all frequencies reach the listener at the same time. The system is designed to give an extremely high sound quality, both for short and long distances, and for large spaces.

Each L-800 is equipped with eight 7" drivers and eight Planar-Magnetic (ribbon) Drivers.

The voice coil formers and cones of the 7" low-frequency drivers are fabricated from aluminium, while magnets are vented to optimise cooling. A special high impedance copper voice coil makes it possible to connect multiple drivers in parallel to produce a low-frequency impedance of 6 Ohms.

The eight Planar-Magnetic (ribbon) Drivers used in the L-800 employ an innovative high-tech diaphragm material called Kaladex®, from Dupont.

The total amount that can be lifted in one rigging system set is eight L-800's in one unbroken row to form a Homogeneous Line Source that is 14.5 meters high.

Each LDS L-800 can also be mounted separately either horizontally or vertically


LDS L-800 Short Specifications
Operating Frequency Range (Hz)
60Hz to    
Sensitivity (dB SPL/2.83Vrms/1m)
LF 102  
PeakHF 102  
Maximum SPL (dB@1m)  
Continous 128.0  
Peak 132.0  
Dimensions inches cm
Height 66,3 168,4
Width 13,7 34,8
Depth (LF) 12,0 30,5
Depth (HF) 9,6 24,5
Net Weight pounds kg
  158,6 72LDS

91 875,00 kr