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LDS ML-8 Ultra compact high performance multipurpose- loudspeaker , passive compact 2-way fullrange cabinet with point source technology.

LDS ML-8 can be used for speech and music applications as a stand-alone full range system.
In combination with a SB-118isubwoofer it can also
easily reproduce higher level music- program.

The ML-8 may be operated with or without a controller.
For the best audio results, the use of an Lake LM-26 Controller is recommended.

A new type of Swedish pine wood EKO damping material. The new damping material inside make the woofer

“Acoustic dead” inside the box. Resulting in greater headroom, Improved transient response and extended dynamics.

Made from Swedish birch plywood.
Single Point Source providing coherent Wave Front
90° Conical Dispersion
Carbon Fiber Diaphragm
Point source radiation with excellent performance off-axis Asymmetrical Crossover, phase compensated
Powder coated steel grill
2 X NL4- Speakon®
Integrated rigging system,standard 3/8” unc
Versatility for reduced inventory (FOH, fill or monitor)



14 500,00 kr