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Coda ViRay

Club/festival PA <1000 pers (12 toppar + 6 x 18" sub) inkl. flygram eller groundstack.

Rekommenderad ström 32A trefas.


  • Unique 8” coaxial mid/high planar wave driver
  • Dual 8" neodymium ultra low distortion cone drivers
  • ViCOUPLER unites all transducers to perfom as a single source
  • High power handling of 600 W
  • Variable horizontal coverage of 120° or 80° or 100° asymmetrical (40°+60°)
  • Vertical curving 0° to 10° variable in 1° steps
  • Superior sound
  • Integrated rigging system for flown or ground stacked arrays
  • Multiplex enclosure with Polyurea coating for extreme durability and water protection 
  • Subwoofer extension with the SCV-F
  • System integration with LINUS RACKs

The ViRAY is a compact 3-way symmetrical line array module, designed for small to medium venues where high fidelity sound and outstanding intelligibility is required.

Up to 24 units can be arrayed to achieve extreme high levels needed for larger venues. The built-in passive crossover allows multiple modules to be driven with a single channel of the LINUS10 amplifier (up to 6 enclosures resulting in 2.66 Ohm amplifier load). Bi-amplification is possible as well and is internally configurable. 

An optional sensor controlled SCV-F can be added for increased low frequency response. 
The integrated rigging system allows quick and easy flying or ground stacking. Arrays may be built straight or curved in various angular to obtain the desired vertical coverage. The Coda EASE Focus simulation software allows calculating the perfect curving setup for every application.
When used together with the SCV-F the ViRAY line array gives audio companies a flexible system for a wide range of applications from the smallest venue to a concert-level sound.

15 000,00 kr